Luxe Prism started in July 2020, I turned to what always made me smiled, feel a sense of comforting and sensual. Beauty has always been my first love. whatever occupied my time at the moment, my love for beauty was always my passion.

During the year 2020 I was stressed, my anxiety was high and my health was depleting. In May, I started to be more intentional in self-care and mental health. I discovered aromatherapy and how powerful scents can set any ambiance of your intent. I started to research a better way to enjoy the beautiful aroma to help the body and mind relax. I started to make soy candles while exploring the ideas for my beauty line where I believe health and wellness are both physical and mental.

Luxe prism was born with the idea to pamper ones self with our moisturizing gloss for hydrating lips, silky smooth body and setting the ambiance with our luxury natural candles. Beauty is the mind, body, and environment. At Luxe Prism, we believe in deep relaxation and self-care.

From the air you breathe in your home to your daily personal care, we strive to provide a deeper meaning of tranquility.

Our 100% soy candles help calm your mind while reassuring you of a cleaner, non-toxic environment. Our scrubs and glosses are packed with premium oils to help your skin glow and look youthful from head to toe, our lipgloss are perfect for the everyday women who love a lightweight gloss packed with lips loving benefits.